Digitalize your stable and store all of the relevant information about your horse’s training, shoeing and medical data in HorseDay to optimize your horse care!

Track training

Track your ride and receive an overview of your distance, average speed, time and track. Choose your type of training and rate your intensity and satisfaction.

Browse WorldFengur

Browse through WorldFengur in HorseDay and look up any horse’s profile to check its assessments, BLUP, offspring, family tree and more…

Team creation

Let your trainers, friends or colleagues be a part of your journey and share your activities and progress with them!

Some more of our great features

HorseDay offers you a lot of beneficial features in order to optimise and simplify the care and training of your horse. Track and plan your activities, log any relevant information in your horse’s profile and share your progress with your team. Analyze your training routine by overviewing all registered activities at a glance in your whiteboard and eliminate hindering training patterns.

Individual training

Tailor your training to your and your horses’ needs and register any type of training, whether it is Lunging, Stretching, or something else - define yours in HorseDay!


Log all relevant information about your horses' shoeing like shoe size, hoof length and more in HorseDay and keep track of your next shoeing appointment.


Having a healthy horse means being a happy rider. Store your horses' medical information and treatments in HorseDay in order to easily keep an eye on them at all times.


Post any thought or information to your horse's profile. Attach photos and videos and choose if you want to share it with your team.

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